Got Questions?

What is PayLo?

PayLo is a legally patented cash discount program that was created to offer merchants nationwide an alternative to standard credit card processing. With PayLo, merchants can eliminate their credit card processing costs by applying a small customer service charge to each sale they make. 

What is a cash discount?

A “cash discount” occurs when a merchant decreases the price for cash purchases. Cash discount programs do not discriminate one card over another. Cash Discounts reward customers for paying by a particular means and/or for not using a particular means of payment. Cash discount programs have been available for years to higher education, municipals, gas stations and utility providers, but only recently have federal regulations changed to allow independent business owners to use the same programs. 

How is a cash discount different than a surcharge?

A “surcharge” occurs when a merchant increases the price for credit card purchases. A “cash discount” occurs when a merchant decreases the price posted for their goods and services for alternative payment / purchases. No surcharges or fees are allowed on debit card transactions, specifically PIN based debit. 

How does PayLo work?

A small customer service fee is added to all transactions. If the customer pays with cash, then the fee is discounted back to the customer.

What benefits can PayLo provide merchants?

With PayLo, you can eliminate your processing fees with virtually no impact on your current sales volume. PayLo is the only legally compliant and patented automatic cash discount software available in the country and is available for all credit card types, including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. Even better, this fully mobile payment technology is compatible with wireless terminals as well as POS systems. No PIN Pad is required and an EMV chip card terminal is included.

What type of businesses/industries use PayLo?

PayLo is an ideal solution for a variety of service-based industries including retail, food and beverage, personal services, and professional services. Most businesses who use PayLo have an average ticket sale between $10-75.