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Why should your processor make more money when your sales increase?

PDEX developed Management Fee style pricing to be a Fixed Flat Monthly Fee...regardless of your processing volume.  You get direct access to the rates from the major card brands with NO HIDDEN MARKUP!


Our solution gives you Interchange Pass-Through pricing, which is the true cost straight from the card brands for every card type.  Therefore, you're not getting just one rate.  You're getting access to EVERY rate from the card brands which ensures you get the cheapest rate on EVERY transaction.  These are the same rates that major retailers pay and you can't get it cheaper.  

The "Management Fee" is our markup and remains the same each month...regardless of your processing volume.  So, we don't make more when you sell more.


While it seems crazy to be ordering restaurant supplies such as napkins, straws and plastic forks from your credit card processor...let us explain!

Our company focus has always been payment processing.  However, we are continuing to introduce new products and services to our clients that will make a direct impact on their bottom line.

In 2008, we began selling thermal receipt paper to our existing customers and never had any intention for these sales to be much more than that.  A short time later, our customers started asking us if we could get access to more and more supplies.  In 2010, we formed a relationship with one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of office and restaurant/hospitality supplies in the country.  

What began as a small service to help our clients save money on receipt paper has grown into a full warehouse of over 5,000 different products.  

Until October 2015, our supplies were limited to only being available to our existing payment processing customers.  However, we have recently expanded this offer to all businesses and would value the opportunity to become one of your vendors.  

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