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ELIMINATE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEES and improve your bottom line with PayLo – the only legally compliant automatic cash discount software available in the country. 

Credit Card Processing

Quickly and easily begin accepting credit card payments. Our payment  solutions are designed to help increase your profits and grow your  business.                                 

POS Systems

Manage your business with a POS System integrated with cloud software.  Streamline day-to-day business operations and accept a variety of  payments to meet your specific needs. 

From In-Store to Online to Mobile, We Have the Solutions You Need

Here's Just A Few of Our Customers

Speed up your checkout line and gain more customers with our suite of solutions and quick payment products. 

Acquire POS and terminal solutions with robust features to help you streamline and manage your restaurant efficiently. 

Integrate seamless payment solutions with advanced technology designed for grocery businesses. 

Remain competitive and gain valuable payment solutions to take your auto business to the next level. 

 Gain multiple secure ways to accept a variety of payment methods. 

Accept donations easily and securely while increasing your revenue. 

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